How to Pick the Right Type of Payday Loan for you

There are lots of loans out there that we can choose form and it is really important to make sure that we pick the right type. Once you have decided what type is right, then you will have to pick from all the loans of that type in order to see which is the best. You will find that they differ in many different ways, but there are a few main things that you should be looking out for to compare them and pick the best for you.


The cost of anything is important to all of us. Even those that have a lot of money, will struggle to afford certain items. This means that whenever we purchase things we should look at the prices and compare them. This applies to the loans as well. We should calculate exactly how much each will cost us and then we can find out which will be the cheapest for us. This will mean that we not accidently sign up for the most expensive loan, when we were hoping to go for the cheapest or would be better off going for the cheapest.

It is easy to compare the prices of payday loans as well. They all have calculators on their websites where you can look at the costs of borrowing different amounts of money. This means that you should easily be able to compare them and see which is going to be the cheapest. It can be best to write down a lost of lenders and how much they charge, so that you can easily compare them and you do not forget who was the cheapest. Note their website addresses as well, so that it is nice and easy to go back to them and apply, once you have made your decision on who to use.

Repayment Schedule

As well as the cost it is important to find out what the repayment schedule is for the loan. You need to make sure that it is affordable. With many payday loans you will only have to make one repayment on your payday. Although this means that you will be able to repay the loan very quickly, it also means that you will have to find a large chunk of money in order to do so. Even if you can do this, it may be tricky to manage for the rest of the month having spent that money so early on. This means that you may want a loan where you can repay in instalments instead. There are now some payday loans that do allow you to pay in instalments. You will find that these loans are more expensive as you are repaying over a longer time period. However, it could make the loan very much more manageable and so be worth paying the extra money for. It could not only mean that you will not have to find a very large repayment all in one go, but that you will be able to afford to pay for things that you need until you next get paid as well. Think about how well you will manage if you have to pay out one lump sum and then manage until you are next paid, compared with having several smaller payments to make which will not take away such a big chunk of your money.


For some people the reputation of the lender is important as well. We tend to be wary when we are purchasing things and want to know that it come from a brand that we trust. Payday loans can be the same as this. We often have a feeling that a brand that is well-known or that we have heard of is more likely to treat us better as customers. Although this is not necessarily the case it is easy to understand where this viewpoint has come from. You feel that a well-known brand should treat customers well because they have a reputation to uphold. Actually if they are well-known they can afford to charge a bit more and give a poorer service because people will still use them as they know them. People often think if they know a name it means that they can be sure that a company has a good reputation. However, it is easy to know that a name is familiar but you are not sure why. It may very well be that you have heard something bad about the company and that is why you know the name, rather than it being because you have heard something good about them.

Therefore, if reputation is important to you, do not rely just on whether you know the name or not. You need to think about whether you have heard good or bad things about them. If nothing comes to mind then it is worth asking friends and family about it. Find out whether they have used a payday loan and whether they can recommend a lender. If you do not know anyone that has taken one or you do not want to ask them, then it can be a good idea to look online to see whether there are any reviews. Carefully read what previous customers are saying about the lender and this should help you to get a good idea of what they will be like if you choose them. It can also be wise to look at their website and find out more about them as well as contacting them to see how well they respond. Once you have done these things, you will have a much better idea of what the lender is like and whether you think that you would want to use them. There are lots of lenders out there and so if you find one that you are not too happy with, you will be able to find others that you are happy with, if you continue to look.